A holistic and mindful approach to preparing for parenthood

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Our Brand Story

Chloe and Michael Parrino, a married couple, are on their own conscious conception journey. Chloe is a Psychologist and Hypnotherapist, while Michael is a Holistic Life Coach and Breathwork Facilitator.

They aim to help couples prepare for parenthood by focusing on self-awareness, healing, and growth through their project Mindfully Loved.

This initiative is born from Chloe's experience working with children and parents, realizing the impact of pre-parenthood work on raising emotionally intelligent and conscious children.

Mindfully Loved empowers future parents to build strong foundations within themselves and their relationships, passing on positive values to future generations.

A deck of cards designed for couples during pregnancy to facilitate intentional communication and reflection.

Includes questions, reflections, and journal prompts to explore relationships, family ideas, and personal growth.

The best gift for couples who are going through the journey of pregnancy.

10 bonus affirmation cards for him and her.

Created with love.

Printed by a family owned print shop.

Created by a Psychologist and Holistic Life Coach.

Cards and box printed on recycled paper.

"Your relationship with your partner sets the tone for your parenting. Nurture that connection, and you'll create a harmonious environment for your children to flourish."

- Dr. Shefali

Perfect for


online stores, pregnancy stores, concept stores etc.

midwives and doulas

best gift for the couples you work with.

prenatal professionals

a thoughtful gift for your clients.

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10-20 sets = $18 each set

RRP : $40

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